Juliet Costell, Hidden Hills, California – Bat Mitzvah Trip

"I thought it was much more meaningful to have my Bat Mitzvah in Israel than to have a huge party."


Allison Brickstein, Cherry Hill, New Jersey – Family Tours

"I'm back home and back to work with memories of our trip to Israel almost feeling like a dream. Great time had by all thanks to your professionalism and personalization providing significant religious, historical, and political information."

Lara & Brian Shwer, Memphis, Tennessee – Bar Mitzvah Trip

"We wanted to thank you again for helping us plan a wonderful Israel experience. We could not imagine such a great introduction to Israel for our children than the last ten days. Your caring demeanor and thoughtfulness made us all feel very comfortable. Thank you for organizing the destinations - they were the perfect balance of history and fun."

Kara Bierman, Memphis, Tennessee – Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trip

"There is no way I would suggest to make the trip any better. Everything was perfect and we would not have done anything differently."


Jason Hillman, Cleveland, Ohio – Community Mission

"As a first-timer, I appreciated that we literally made every minute count. The highlight for me was our arrival in Jerusalem. I never anticipated being as awestruck as I was."

Marnie Segal, Aventura, Florida – Community Mission

"I feel closer to Israel and find myself glued to the news to stay up to date on current events. I think my Judaism was also strengthened by the trip and my overall pride in being a Jew."

Michelle and Corey Boock, Topanga, California – Bat Mitzvah Trip

 "I can tell you that my experience on this trip was wonderful! We found every location meaningful, either on a historical and spiritual level. Our kids haven’t stopped talking about the trip!"

Rabbi Yitzchok Kahn, Medford, New Jersey – Community Mission

"Your team went above and beyond. I have worked with two other big tour companies and your team was the best of the best! Your attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile, and the ability to do so made all the difference."

Mandy Bloch, Johannesburg, SA – Family Tour

"Everything was brilliantly organized from the minute we arrived until we left. Nothing was too much trouble for you or your staff."

Karen and Rick Stein, Long Island, New York – Community Mission

"This was the greatest life changing experience I have ever had. I couldn't imagine it any other way - Israel Maven, your service is impeccable."

Hana Fink, Chicago, Illinois – Family Tours

"Standing at Yad Vashem with my elderly mother & my teenage children was an incredibly moving experience for me. I felt with every fiber of my being that Am Yisrael Chai, the Nation of Israel lives!!!!"