• I’ve signed up for a community trip, but I want to stay longer to tour on my own. Is it possible to extend my trip?

    Yes! Please indicate this on your registration form that you would like to extend your stay in Israel. The team at Israel Maven will work with you to provide a customized experience that will include assistance with choosing hotels, activities, and transportation.

  • Do you offer travel insurance?

    Please note that most insurance policies require purchase within 14-21 days of your date of registration for the trip.

    Israel Maven Tours has made arrangements with SMS Travel Insurance Center (Israel) of Omaha, Nebraska. SMS has over 25 years of experience as insurance brokers and can help you choose the policy that best meets your needs. Our contact person is Yonah Engel. Please mention this promo code when making your purchase: ISRAELMAVEN.  For more information, please send an email to yonah@travelinsuranceisrael.com. You may also contact Yonah by phone in the USA at 402-404-5205 or in Israel at 0522-873-665.

    Please note that Israel Maven Tours cannot accept responsibility for any losses or expenses which you or any member of your party may incur as a result of failure to secure adequate coverage.

  • What are the security issues facing Israel today- should we be concerned?

    Your safety is of paramount importance to us and we adhere to the guidelines of the IDF, Israel Police, Society for the Protection of Nature and other relevant authorities.

    The security in Israel is always a concern for travelers to Israel. Israel Maven is in daily contact with the Ministry of Defense dealing with travelling in Israel. We receive daily updates via SMS and phone on any irregularity in the daily routine of Israel. Changes in itinerary that need to be made due to safety and security concerns are done without hesitation. We are also in close contact with Israeli Police & SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) to ensure that all safety & security guidelines are updated in real-time based on changing circumstances.

    Both participants & staff of Israel Maven receive detailed guidelines aimed at ensuring that the no one is hurt or harmed in any way. These guidelines range from appropriate footwear on hikes to keeping hydrated, to avoiding certain areas if necessary.

    Public transportation on buses and/or trains is not utilized at any time during the program.

    Israel Maven does not design any itineraries which requires travelers to approach or enter the Gaza Strip, or any other areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority.


  • Who do we contact with questions?

     If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Israel Maven Tours representative by emailing Info@IsraelMaven.com or you may call us toll free on 1-866-317-9307.

  • What recourse do we have if we need to cancel our participation due to unforeseen circumstances (such as illness or a deterioration of the security situation)?

    While we will make every effort to be understanding, we are also bound by contractual obligations to our suppliers (hotels, guides, bus companies etc.). Therefore, we cannot obligate ourselves to refund participants who cancel their participation for whatever reason, subject of course, to our cancellation policy. For this reason, we highly recommend that participants purchase travel insurance so that they are covered under these circumstances. 

  • What it the tipping policy at restaurants?

    In Israel, it is customary to give a 12% tip to a server at a restaurant. A 15-20% tip may be given for exemplary service.  In general it is requested that tips be paid in cash only, and not included on your credit card. In some cases, service may be included. This should be clearly written on the bottom of your bill.

  • What it the tipping policy for tour guides and drivers? Is service included on my bill?

    Service is not included on your bill.

    The suggested tip for parties of less than 20 people is between USD $75- $125 per day.

    For parties of 20 or more people, the suggested tipping policy is USD $5-$7 per day per person for the guide and USD $3-$5 per day per person for the driver.

  • Can I take money out of an Israeli ATM?

    The currency in Israel is the shekel (officially called the “New Israel Shekel” or “NIS”).  ATMs in Israel dispense shekels from ATM cards from other countries. However, you may want to check with your home bank as there may be a limit to how much you can take out each day. Also, some banks in your home country may require you to notify them that you are leaving the country so that the card is activated for overseas transactions. ATMs can be found in the airport and throughout the bigger cities you visit. Credit cards are widely accepted in shops and restaurants. However, credit cards are not accepted by all vendors- especially those in outdoor markets- like Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem.

  • How do you ensure the safety and security of participants?

    The safety of our participants is of paramount importance. We work according to the directives of the Police Department, Israel Defense Force (IDF) and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI). These directives regulate the areas where travel is permitted, security precautions that need to be taken in various situations, activities that should be avoided and safety instructions. These directives are updated in real time and the itinerary is subject to change according to the security situation or extreme weather conditions, should the need arise. 

  • What are the voltage requirements for Israel

    In Israel, we operate on 220v. Most hotels have hairdryers in the bathrooms as well as an outlet (usually used for shavers) that can be used for 110v. 

    Electronic equipment that comes with its own converter (such as a laptop) can be used in Israel with no problem. However, the actual sockets in Israel are different from those in the USA and other regions, and an adapter is required. These are usually available at the front desk of the hotel.  They may also be purchased at your local electronics shop if you so choose.