Why Us

1. Creativity 

An Israel experience like no other

An Israel experience like no other

We understand that every Israel trip is also a personal journey and should be treated as such. Therefore, no two tours are ever identical! The Israel Maven team constantly look for fresh and exciting ways to connect you with Israel, offering a meaningful and personalized experience to veteran travelers and newcomers alike.

Together with ISRAEL MAVEN you can:

  • Meet with inspirational, political, successful personalities
  • Experience different cultures
  • Interact with “regular” Israelis in a variety of settings.
  • Go off the “beaten-track” on a journey of adventure
  • Discover a side of Israel that you won’t find in any handbook 

2. Service

Israel Maven is focused on your needs and will spare no effort in ensuring that you are satisfied. We pay attention to the little details while making sure to always keep the big picture in mind. You will find our drivers courteous and attentive, our guides filled with a genuine concern for your well-being and the entire Israel Maven team always ready to go the extra mile for you.

3. Price

Israel Maven tours are competitively priced. We provide you with value for your money and pass on to you any discounts or deals that we get from our suppliers. Israel Maven is run according to the highest levels of honesty and integrity so you can rest assured that there are no sudden extras to be paid for once the trip is underway.