Places To Go, Families To See!

There’s no better reason to jump in the car and set out on a road-trip than having 8 groups in the North of Israel​ in one day!

Our day started bright and early ​on the road in order to beat the​ morning​ traffic​.​Tsiona and ​I, otherwise known as the Maven ​marketing team, arrived ​in the summer’s morning at De Karina Chocolate factory by 10:00am. Right on time to welcome the Blanshay Family. They arrived with big smiles, dressed in ​radiant red family tour t-shirts. They must have had a sixth sense that we were meeting them today with our talented photographer, Lauren Newman! Good job guys! Big Mazal tov to Meir ​Blanshay​ who had his Bar-Mizvah last week at the Western Wall​!​ ​How great that he n​ow gets to celebrate with a 2 week long party! 



_DSC9328         _DSC9439

 Next we met the gorgeous Steinhause Family as they arrived for their chocolate making workshop with tour guide royale Ami Braun!! Not only did we have the chance to participate in an awesome chocolate making workshop with them but we also had a chance to get to know the Steinhause girls​.Thanks for the awesome ballet show Molly and Gilli! A shout out to Emma who will also be celebrating her Bat Mitzvah in Israel next week in Jerusalem – stayed tuned for our updates on that!

 _DSC9491    Capture 

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 A special thanks to Limor and folks at ​DeKarina for spoiling us with a delicious collection of chocolate- it’s never too early in the day for this stuff, it’s pure gold!  


 Next stop,​ was​ lunch and Katzrin Talmudic village with the Grill family. First, we tasted what was advertised as the best Felafel in the WORLD, and yes, it was actually pretty good! I’​d give it a 9.5 out of 10​. The​ falafel​ and ​the​ hu​m​mus ​were perfect but the pita was a little too packed for my liking 🙂

​​After a delicious pit-stop lunch we found ourselves transported back to ​​biblical days in ancient Katzrin.  Our dynamic tour guide Elad Tzur dressed in Talmudic garb, adopted ​a ​broken Israeli accent, guided us through the village ​and gave us insight into what life was like 2,000 years ago. Well, Elad, you definitely won an academy award for that act​! He truly brought history to life and ​kept us all engaged during ​his captivating tour.


_DSC9587        _DSC9606



Goodbye Grill’s and back on the road to Kibbutz Ayelet Hashachar to meet the lovely guide Elana Dascal and the Dorfman family. It​ has​ been a while since ​I’ve been on a kibbutz and I really  enjoyed seeing the refet, haystacks, tractors and all that makes Ayelet Hashachar the top notch kibbutz that it is today. ​With a quick catch-up and few snaps with Mishpachat Dorfman, ​we reflected on how great​ it was​ seeing them again and we hope to catch up one last time this trip in Tel Aviv!  Mazal tov to Julia ​Dorfman ​on her Bat Mitzvah last week in Jerusalem​! She did a wonderful job​!​



_DSC9839      Capture

_DSC9841          _DSC9848



And so, we find ourselves back on the road- this time heading ​south to Jerusalem. Sadly the day came and went way too fast but we think we covered it all​. Chocolate, falafel, a breath of fresh air, a glimpse at the beautiful Kinneret and quality time with our fabulous Israel Maven families! 

For the groups we didn’t get to see – we hope your day was as adventurous, educational and fun as ours!


_DSC9879      _DSC9459   Capture

In case you were wondering about the bag of chocolate goodies that we took from De Karina this morning, it is now chocolate milk  🙂 ​ Summer in Israel!​

 Lehitraot – Until next time!!


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