Safety and Security

Israel Maven Tour with female IDF soldiers in the Old City

Keeping us safe in Jerusalem!

The security in Israel is always a concern for travelers to Israel.  Israel Maven is in daily contact with the Ministry of Defense dealing with travelling in Israel. We receive daily updates via SMS and phone on any irregularity in the daily routine of Israel. Changes in itinerary that need to be made due to safety and security concerns are done without hesitation. We are also in close contact with Israeli Police & SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) to ensure that all safety & security guidelines are updated in real-time based on changing circumstances.

Both participants & staff of Israel Maven receive detailed guidelines aimed at ensuring that the no one is hurt or harmed in any way. These guidelines range from appropriate footwear on hikes to keeping hydrated, to avoiding certain areas if necessary.

Public transportation on buses and/or trains is not utilized at any time during organized  programs.

We do not design any itineraries which requires travelers to approach or enter the Gaza Strip, or any other areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority.