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Come join the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey on an amazing Israel experience this coming November! Make memories that will last a lifetime and will connect you to your Jewish heritage, community and form a bond with a country that will become your second home. Whether it is your first, second or third trip to Israel, we have crafted an itinerary that is engaging and exciting for all. We can’t wait to see you!

Dan Rozett,

Director, Community Relations & Israel Engagement
Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey


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We are pleased to present to you the itinerary and tour package for your Israel trip. These have been carefully crafted to provide an experience that is engaging, fun, uplifting, informative and inspirational for the participants. All of our tours adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and you can be sure to expect the friendly, warm & dedicated service that have endeared us to thousands of satisfied clients.

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Enjoy your trip to Israel to it’s fullest at these beautiful hotels:

Inbal Hotel – Jerusalem

As one of Jerusalem’s finest, most luxurious hotels, The Inbal is ideally positioned as your ultimate gateway to explore Jerusalem’s authentic atmosphere, a pure reflection of the city in which it resides.  With service that always goes above and beyond what you expect – we promise that your visit will be unforgettable.

Isrotel Royal Beach – Tel Aviv

Presenting the ultimate in luxury and prestige, the Royal Beach Tel Aviv is located on the non-stop city’s bustling promenade, close to countless prominent business centers and popular entertainment venues. This attractive location makes it easy for guests to enjoy an entire world of fabulous entertainment and cultural activities within easy walking distance: endless white beaches, the artsy Neve Tzedek neighborhood and HaTachana.


We’ve carefully crafted a document that answers many frequently asked questions. Feel free to browse through or you can always be in touch with your Israel Maven representative – JJ Jonah – at jj@IsraelMaven.com

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Welcome to Israel!! Arrive at Ben Gurion where you will be met by our representatives and the tour guide. Meet with tour guide, load bus and depart.

All participants MUST arrange to be at to be determined meeting point in Ben Gurion Airport before 8 AM local time. No other option to join the group will be available after we depart.

● Visit the ancient fortress at Ein Afek Nature Reserve – Migdal Afek– special opening program

● Lunch on own

● Marking the 29th of November: Visit the *Castel* – site of one of the most significant battles to lift the siege of Jerusalem during the War of Independence in 1948

● Travel to Jerusalem

Welcome to Jerusalem! Enjoy a spectacular lookout over Jerusalem from the Haas Promenade !שהחיינו

● Time for reflection at the Western Wall

● Opening dinner at the hotel

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

● Full Israeli Breakfast at your hotel

● Visit the Jewish Quarter and follow in the footsteps of the soldiers from the Independence war and hear some of the amazing stories.

● Walk in the footsteps of Prophets & Kings in the City of David & feel the Bible come to life. See new findings and the newly discovered Pilgrim’s road

● Lunch included

● Re-enact the dramatic battle at Ammunition Hill that led to the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967.
Meet with Alon Wald, director of the site, who lost his father in the battle for Jerusalem.

● Travel with the bus to some of the overlooks and check points to understand the complexity of the City

● Dinner at the Michael Levin Center with Lone Soldiers

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

● Full Israeli breakfast at Hotel

● Travel to Gush Etzion – Enjoy a panoramic lookout over the region from Mitzpe HaElef in Neve Daniel

● Discover the Path of the Patriarchs in an off-road Jeep adventure

● Lunch on own in Gush Etzion

● Meet with Shaul Judelman and Khaled Abbu Awwad from Roots and hear about their grassroots initiative to promote coexistence in the region

● Return to Jerusalem and prepare for Shabbat

● Join thousands of Jews as they bring in the Shabbat at the Western Wall

● Shabbat dinner at the hotel (included)- hosting lone sodiers

Overnight: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

● Full Israeli breakfast at hotel

● Day at leisure on own in Jerusalem. Options include:

• Morning at leisure to relax by the pool
• Join morning services at a local synagogue
• Explore the impressive Israel Museum including the Shrine of the Book, Model of Jerusalem, Archeology Wing, Sculpture Garden & Wing of Jewish Life.

● Lunch on own in Jerusalem

● Afternoon Speaker: Aaron Leibovitz– educator and started Hashgacha Pratit, a kosher certification independent of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate. He is also a councilor for the Jerusalem municipality for the Yerushalmim party.

● Afternoon walking tours OPTION 1: Tour of the Jewish Quarter- synagogues, Cardo, broad wall and more. OPTION 2: Tour of the neighborhood of Talbiyah- once a mixed neighborhood and now considered one of the most wealthiest in the City. Home to the Prime Minister and President of Israel.

●  Musical Havdalla

●  Evening activity:

1) Visit Crossroads: Where teens and young adults thrive
2) Sound and light show at the Tower of David Museum
3) Sport or other cultural event in Jerusalem
4) Free time in Ben Yehuda or the Machane Yehuda Market

● Dinner on own

Overnight: Inbal Hotel – Jerusalem

● Full Israeli breakfast at hotel

● Find out just how the Israeli democratic system functions as you visit the Knesset. Meet with member of Knesset

● Lunch on own en route

● Pay tribute to the Memory of Six Million at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum & Children’s Memorial.

● Encounter the leaders and heroes who are interred at the Mount Herzl National

● Visit the new Tolerence Museum in Jerusalem

● Dinner at Machane Yehuda Market- included

Overnight: Inbal Hotel – Jerusalem

● Full Israeli breakfast at hotel

●  7:45 am: Early departure: Don’t forget towels, bathing suit, water, hats and sun screen (for those going to the Dead Sea)

● Everyone: Visit with the Ma’ale Edumium Foundation

●  Lunch on own en route

●  1st timers: Experience the sensation of floating in the Dead Sea – the lowest place on Earth – at Kalya Beach

● AND Ascend the formidable desert fortress of Masada where the Zealots contested the might of the Roman Empire

●  2nd timers: Discover the fascinating ruins of Qumeran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Understand the life of the Essenses. Visit the site of Qasr Al Yahud, the place where the Children of Israel and Joshua crossed over the Jordan River into the Promised Land and the Baptismal Site

● (All) Transport yourselves to the Days of the Bible as you visit Abraham’s Tent in Genesis Land – includes, traditional desert hospitality & dinner

● Return to Jerusalem

Overnight: Inbal Hotel – Jerusalem


●  Full Israeli Breakfast at Hotel

●  Depart for the Western Negev- Otef Aza

●  Meet with Tzameret from Netiv Ha’Asara on the border with Gaza & participate in the unique Path to Peace initiative

●  Look out over the Gaza Strip from the Black Arrow Monument

●  Lunch in Sderot (included)

●  Meet with the local residents of Sderot & hear their incredible stories of faith & resilience

●  Find out how blue-&-white agro-tech is helping feed millions of people around the globe at the hands-on Salad Trail Experience

● Continue to Tel Aviv

●  Dinner at hotel (included)

Overnight: Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel – Tel Aviv


●  Full Israeli Breakfast at Hotel

●  Visit the state-of-the-art Peres Center for Peace and Innovation which celebrates the vision of former President Shimon Peres & the incredible “blue-and-white” technological innovations that have changed the world we live in.

●  Enjoy a culinary tour at the bustling open-air Levinsky Market with its lively vendors & colorful displays of fresh produce. Lunch on own

●  Explore the Old Port of Jaffa with its charming alleyways, artists’ galleries & stunning views over Tel Aviv

●  Enjoy a Street Art Graffiti Tour of the bohemian Florentine Neighborhood & feel the pulse of Tel Aviv

●  Dinner on own in Tel Aviv

Overnight: Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel – Tel Aviv


●  Full Israeli Breakfast at Hotel

●  Travel North. Overlook the Galilee from the top of the Carmel Mountain – the Muchraka and hear the story of Elijah the prophet and his encounter with the Baal Prophets

●  Visit the charming town of Zichron Yakov and learn about the first pioneers of Israel and the establishment of the first Jewish settlements in Israel

●  Lunch on own

●  Afternoon for shopping and relaxation

●  Late check out of hotel

●  Hannukah candle lighting with inspirational wounded IDF veterans through Brothers for Life at Beit Ha’Achim in Kfar Truman

●  Final dinner at 1947 restaurant (or other)

●  Travel to Ben Gurion Airport for return flight to the US


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