Create Unforgettable Memories

You and your family are unique. We understand this and are here to tailor make your Israel trip so that it reflects your families specific dynamic, keeping your specific needs in mind. By nature, a family trip is multi-generational which offers a remarkable opportunity for family members to bond and create memories that you will laugh about and cherish together for many years to come. It’s fun, engaging and it’s a gift your family will really appreciate!

Bar-Bat Mitzvah

Live The Moment, Cherish It

Celebrate this special milestone for your child with a meaningful experience that will leave a lasting impression on all who join, our Bar and Bat Mitzvah trips are a true celebration. We work together with you to create a personalized itinerary that is just right for you and your family. Every day has a combination of activities which are interactive & engaging and we assist you in planning a ceremony that it is meaningful & relevant to you. Our guides are carefully selected on the basis of their warmth, passion, knowledge and zest for life and We know how to combine fun, action, spirituality, Jewish Heritage and social responsibility with quality family time. Together you will laugh, cry and enjoy the best shawarma you’ve ever tasted!



It’s Happening - Be a Part Of It

A dynamic way to see the country, meet new people and feel the power of individuals united by a common cause. Join a trip that will blend of history, spirituality, modern-day Israel and unadulterated fun. Traveling with folks from different backgrounds provides fresh perspectives on Israel. It’s a great opportunity to deepen your relationships and forge new connections with fellow participants.


Make Israel your Classroom

Cement your friendships and forge new relationships as you travel Israel in the company of your peers. The shared adventure is not only great fun, but also allows you the opportunity to investigate and debate, discover and grow in a supportive environment. Explore the meaning of your Jewish Identity and its relevance to your life, and meet with your Israeli counterparts who see the world so similar, yet so different, to you. You are sure to treasure memories of places, sights, conversations and thoughts that will remain with you even after you have uploaded your videos onto FaceBook.


Together You Can Do So Much

Now is the time to focus on those who live amongst you as you create experiences that you can take home and share for years to come. Decide what your communities focus is as you engage in meaningful interactions with communities here in Israel.

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