Israel Maven Volunteer & Solidarity Mission- Feb 18-22, 2024

Join us on a mission of solidarity and support for Israel as you meet remarkable Israelis: people on the front lines defending our country, survivors, everyday heroes, volunteers and civilians. See first hand the beautiful strength, courage and faith of the people of Israel during their darkest hour.

Itinerary & Pricing

The Israel Maven Volunteer and Solidarity Mission itinerary and tour package was crafted to provide an informative, eye-opening and fact-finding experience for all participants.

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The Dan Panorama Hotel Jerusalem, with its dignified architecture and honey-colored Jerusalem stone exterior, resonates with the spirit of this legendary city. Steps away from the famous Yemin Moshe neighborhood, the hotel is very well located in the heart of Jerusalem within close walking distance to the Old City, overlooking the old city walls and the splendid Bloomfield park.


We’ve carefully crafted a document that answers many frequently asked questions. Feel free to browse through or you can always be in touch with your Israel Maven representative – JJ Jonah – at

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Feb 18
Day 1/5
Feb 19
Day 2/5
Feb 20
Day 3/5
Feb 21
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Feb 22
Day 5/5
  • Welcome to Israel!! Arrive at Ben Gurion where you will be met by an Israel Maven representative, your guide and transportation. People arriving early- please meet us at the airport at 2:00pm (subject to change)
  • Visit wounded soldiers in Hadassah Hospital (with gifts from the US) and to hear about their injury and the stages of their recovery.
  • Transfer to Jerusalem
  • Welcome to Jerusalem! Enjoy a spectacular lookout over Jerusalem from the Haas Promenade
  • Check into Hotel- settle in and relax
  • Opening dinner at the hotel (included)
  • Introduction to the trip and opening session to the trip with tour guide


Overnight: Dan Panorama – Jerusalem

  • Full Israeli breakfast at hotel
  • Volunteer through Hashomer HaChadash in agriculture in one of the settlements in the Gaza envelope, who continue to work the land despite great hardships and challenges since the beginning of the Swords of Iron War.
  • Box Lunch (included)
  • Visit one of the towns or Kibbutzim in the Gaza envelope to bear witness to the horrible terror from the October 7th massacre.
  • Return to Jerusalem for processing our experiences
  • Dinner on own in Jerusalem


Overnight: Dan Panorama – Jerusalem

  • Full Israeli breakfast at hotel
  • Volunteer with Café Aroma Beit Shemesh making Sandwiches for soldiers
  • Continue to Tel Aviv
  • Lunch on own in Sarona Market in Tel Aviv
  • Stop at Kikar Hachatufim – Hostages Square to see the art installation and to meet a family member of the hostages and hear their story
  • Meet with the Civilian emergency headquarters- HaChamal HaEzrachi, who have been coordinating most of the volunteer effort since the war started.
  • Dinner on own in Tel Aviv
  • Return to Jerusalem


Overnight: Dan Panorama – Jerusalem

  • Full Israeli breakfast at hotel
  • Meet with and learn from Professor Gil Troy noted political historian about the effects of October 7 th on Israel and the Jewish people as a whole.
  • Volunteer at Pantry Packers packaging food for the needy
  • Box lunch (included)
  • Encounter the leaders and heroes buried at the Mount Herzl National Cemetery. Pay respects at the many fresh graves of soldiers and hear some of the heroic stories from what is known the Black Shabbat.
  • Meet with Stand with Us to learn about the unprecedented challenges of defending Israel during these challenging times.
  • Dinner on own in Jerusalem


Overnight: Dan Panorama – Jerusalem

  • Full Israeli breakfast at hotel
  • Check out and depart
  • Solidarity ceremony at the Western wall with Rabbi Ebstein
  • Take part in the Volunteer project at the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Base in Jerusalem.
  • Lunch and time on own at the Machane Yehuda Market
  • Barefoot Farmers – Meet the people behind this nonprofit organization that provides trauma & post trauma support through unique experiences involving nature& horses
  • Final dinner and trip summary at Air Cafe near Ben Gurion Airport (included)
  • Travel to Ben Gurion Airport for return flight to the US/Canada- Bus will return to Jerusalem



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